Here's how it works. Uponor radiant floor heating systems circulate warm water through PEX tubing embedded in the floor of your home. The heat radiates up through the floor, warming the people, furnishings and air in the room. The warmth stays down around where the people are, not up at the ceiling or lost to the outdoors every time a door or window is opened. It's a comfortable, even heat where cold spots and drafts are eliminated. 


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True Comfort — Imagine your beautiful floors now warm and cozy to the touch

Works Everywhere — Under tile, marble, wood, carpet and concrete floors. Radiant walls and radiant ceilings can also create a cozy, efficient environment

Economical — Potentially saves up to 40 percent in energy costs compared with forced-air heating systems

Clean and Healthy — No drafts or fans blowing dust, dirt or allergens into the air

Quiet — Eliminates noisy fans, popping ductwork and pinging pipes

Increases Living Space — Lets you live in and enjoy that previously cold basement